Awarding the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for 26 hours + of service.


The LittlestBit can sometimes make the biggest difference!

Our background


As students of a small Catholic Parish School in Southern California we learned through our community, teachers and parents that the biggest gifts in life were those that we gave others.  We are legacies of family values that grounded each one of us kids.  We are compelled and hope through Littlest Bit that we can start a legacy of our own.

Our causes


Littlest Bit aims to use our network, families, friends and communities to bring even the littlelest bit of sunshine and happiness to seniors and families in need.  It's a great way for kids and families to volunteer together.  With just the littlest bit of love we can create the  biggest of impacts.

Our involvement


Every month our goal is to help, serve and love the seniors and  families in need of our community.  We strive to create unique and impactful volunteer and bonding experiences with our littlest bit of big love.  

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

LittlestBit named OFFICIAL PVSA Certifying Organization

Our volunteers will receive the following upon completing benchmarks of service below;

  • a LETTER SIGNED by the President of the Unites States of America thanking them for thier service
  • a CERTIFICATE with the official Presidential Seal
  • a Bronze, Silver or Gold LAPEL PIN based on below

Award Levels – Service Benchmarks     

Age Group     Bronze     Silver     Gold

Kids (5-10)       26-49       50-74      75+

Teens (11-15)     50-74        75-99     100+

Yng Ad (16-25) 100-174    175-249   250+ 

Aside from being a great resume builder for our children, this honor allows them to pursue a tangible goal while learning priceless life lessons.  We hope to host a PVSA Award Luncheon in January 2020 to present the 2019 awards. 

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